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Academy of Make-up Artistry is committed to develop International Makeup Artists by Educating, Encouraging, Evolving, Embracing, Empowering, and Excelling every aspiring beauty professional on board. AMA International Academy is an Internationally certified academy with state of the art infrastructure and thriving environment. It is the finest platform to become an International Beauty Professional.

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Academy of Makeup Artistry

Mission & Vision

Our Vision

To be the pioneer in developing international PRO makeup artists and International Beauty Professionals.

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Our Mission

We aim to produce skilled, talented, and qualified International Pro Make-up Artists and International Beauty Professionals and set a new benchmark in the National & International beauty arena.

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AMA Standards

We are built on a strong international foundation of quality education to train International Pro Makeup Artists and International Beauty Professionals and we are committed to provide a positive learning and training environment for our students and we strive to make sure that our students are developed with excellence to work around the globe and become the future of this ever-growing, ever-changing beauty industry.

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Our ultimate goal is to provide every student a platform to Learn, Create, Grow, and Build a community of International PRO Makeup Artists and International Beauty Professionals who can establish themselves in the global beauty industry.

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Academy of Makeup Artistry

Collaboration Accreditation and Endorsement


Beauty Professionals Association a division of National Professionals Associations and Skill Certification Council (NAPSCC) the only organisation of its kind for the Beauty industry to elevate and empower the beauty professionals with its core values and to Educate, Encourage, Evolve, Empower, Embrace & Excel by advocating & promoting the beauty Profession as one of the top career choices in India and globally.

BPRO is on its way to formalising the beauty industry Academic Advancement as per the National Occupational Standards (NOS) and National Vocational Education Qualification Framework (NVEQF) through work-based lifelong learning opportunities and offer national and international recognized, certified, accredited & endorsed certificate, Diploma, Advance Diploma, Bachelor of Vocational Studies, Masters and Research programs.

Every student of Academy of Makeup Artistry will be automatically enrolled as a Member and BPRO will support you to grow in the industry in a sustainable way with many Features, Advantages and Benefits and first year membership fee is free.

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Qualifi is an Awarding Organisation that is regulated by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation England (Ofqual), a prestigious non-ministerial government department known for regulating examinations across the United Kingdom.

Regulated and recognized by Ofqual for more than two decades, it is committed to providing world-class qualifications, which give assurances to employers, centers and learners of consistent, rigorous quality standards and valid, valued learning. Qualifi’s mission is to be recognized globally with the qualifications that meet the demands of employers and learners recognizing competency to build careers and global enterprises.

Qualifi works with a growing number of Sector Skills Councils, professional associations and employers to identify mission-critical learning requirements and assess outcomes of programmes to achieve consistently and recognized professional, vocational and academic standards. In addition to regulated qualifications, Qualifi endorses programmes and courses provided by centres and organisations that are industry-specific and relevant to regional and International needs.

All students who join AMA international courses will be certified by Qualifi which empowers them to explore opportunities globally.


Habia is a government-approved Standard Setting Body for the beauty, hair, nails, aesthetics, and spa industries. It has been contributing to the growth of these sectors for the past three decades by setting high-quality standards and establishing excellence.

Recognized by the government of the United Kingdom, Habia works closely with Expert Working Groups (EWG) that include several specialists and experts from different sectors to develop National Occupational Standard (NOS) that are later used as the basis of qualifications.

Habia is a prestigious organisation that works with several different companies, agencies, and educators in order to provide high-quality education in the beauty industry for aspiring beauty students to become international beauty and hair artists.

It is known for recognizing and endorsing excellence along with inspiring and promoting the career of several students in the beauty and hair sector to make them international level professionals.

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AMA Beauty Blogs & News

We at the Academy of Make-up Artists take immense pride in being recognised and accredited by Qualifi & Habia. This was made possible because of our perseverance and strong work ethic. Our dedicated international research team, advanced customer relationship management, state of the art facilities and internationally trained trainers have been the main contributors to helping us bag this prestigious accreditation.