6 Bridal Makeup Mistakes You Must Avoid

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6 Bridal Makeup Mistakes You Must Avoid

Wedding Day is undoubtedly a day that one would want to remember for the rest of their lives. For brides, it is even more special as there is a lot more excitement and anxiety involved. Every bride wants to look their best on their big day but in order to attain that “perfect” look, brides often commit mistakes.  If your big day is approaching as well, here is a blog curated just for you. Read along the sections to find out which common mistakes you should avoid to look your ultimate best on your D-Day. 

Avoid Late Eye Brow Maintenance 

Brides think that getting their brows done closer to the day of their wedding would give their eyes a more refreshed look. But doing eyebrows leaves skin irritated and sensitive. There are also chances of rashes and tiny bumps. 

The best bridal makeup artists in Delhi NCR recommends getting eyebrows done at least two to four days prior to the wedding day.


Glossy Lips is a Strict No-No


You may have a strong affinity towards glossy lips but on your wedding day, DO NOT GO FOR GLOSS! First of all, the gloss wears out quickly and requires frequent reapplications. Do you think you can pull that off on your big day? After all, you would not want to miss out on your precious moments thinking about your gloss. Matt finish lipsticks that have extra moisture in them are ideal for wedding days.


Right Foundation for Your Skin Type 

Foundation should always be chosen as per the skin type. Whether you have dry skin or combination skin, normal skin or oily skin, choosing the right foundation which will be suitable for your skin type is very essential.


Translucent Powder to Avoid Cakey Makeup 

The best makeup artists in Delhi NCR recommends setting the concealer with a premium quality translucent powder. This will help in avoiding making your makeup appear caky and would not ruin your pictures. Translucent powder is the cherry on the cake. It is extremely important as it binds your foundation and concealer together and gives an even look to your face.


Always go For Waterproof Mascara 

Who doesn’t like dramatic eyes on the day of their wedding but imagine your mascara flowing due to a few teardrops due to the overwhelming feeling of your wedding? You wouldn’t want that, right? This is why it is important to choose a mascara that is waterproof in order to avoid any kind of smudging around the eyes!

Do Not Forget Setting Spray 

Everything is unnecessary and useless if you haven’t used a setting spray. Setting spray is used at the very end of your makeup so that your makeup stays longer. To be picture perfect and confident for longer hours, it is essential to use a setting spray. 

Avoid these 6 common mistakes to look your best on your wedding day. For more blogs related to bridal makeup and beauty, keep visiting this space!